Its so weird living in the same town as you go to school…

I can invite school friends over, without having to worry about if theyre chill with 30 minutes of driving just to see me. 

also its not like that huge town i was living in

also having a friend that recognizes your asexuality regularly is fucking cool




shout out to the kids and adults who have memory problems, who get yelled and screamed at by their families for not remembering things

or over-remembering. remembering things no one else seems to remember but still having blankets of empty in their memory and wondering why they can’t remember chunks of things or why their timelines are all off

oh my god i thought i was alone

"Well, I’m nervous.


Aromantic, Gray-romantic, and Lithromantic stuff.


tumblr sure ain’t fucking around


The classics.


phasers’ slightly-used tablet giveaway


- Wacom Bamboo with original components & some original packaging

used a handful of times but I’d rather it go to someone who can spend more time with it!


- you don’t have to follow me but it’d be cool if you did

- like & reblog as many times as you wish

- no giveaway blogs please!

- I will ship within Canada and the continental United States

- your inbox must be open & I will need a non-P.O. Box address!

- winner has 48 hours to respond

giveaway ends July 23rd

good luck!


i felt the need to make a tshirt design because there are people who think the A in LGBTQIAP+ is for ally 

on redbubble

On deviantart